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Hey! Welcome. Glad you found our little slice of paradise parked here on the internet! I assume since you’ve clicked on this page you’re interested about us and what we do here at Moon Mist Mesa, located on the traditional land of the Kumeyaay people.

dragon fruit blooming during sunset at moon mist mesa
The dragon fruit blooms only once, at night, before its journey to fruit. An inspiration to us at Moon Mist Mesa.

First off, we are an urban garden focused on growing vegetables, rare fruit, and herbal medicines. Although nothing can stop us growing whatever the heck we like!

We are located in beautiful, usually sunny San Diego where my boyfriend, Justin and I (more on us later) moved to be closer to my family. We actually live on property with my sister and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to build a home in her backyard. I’m obviously her favorite sister.

It is a busy property and currently living here there are:

  • five full humans (boring, uninteresting, standard-issue humans)
  • one highly demanding and very angel, such dog named Pippa (Cairo has since gone over the rainbow)
  • two half-kitten, half-terrorist hybrids (I’m told they’re always like this though) named Nori & Miso
  • five, yes FIVE count ‘em, snakes
  • a few local residents who only stop by part-time such as Sheila and Lefty the crow couple, Barry the raccoon, and the elusive archnemesis of Cairo: Francesca, the skunk (although to be perfectly honest it’s probably more than one)
  • and of course a plethora of plants ever changing with the seasons and our impulse buys at the nursery

We hope here to share our journey from dirt patch to a cozy home surrounded by a lush oasis of life and food. As much as possible we will be documenting how our garden grows and sharing what has worked and what hasn’t via an expected very many MoonMistakes. Occasionally we may drop a few DIY projects as Justin is a self-taught woodworker, and my sister is a crafty costume maker among many, many other things, while I wallow in having no serious talents but a restlessness that consumes me to attempt projects often bigger than myself. Plus, as we are all voracious eaters, a recipe or two may slip through the cracks…

dogs in the garden
Hiding in the recently weeded container garden, Cairo and Pippa nap, proving they will always be muddy buddies.

So, now you know what we’re here to accomplish and share, but who are the voices behind this site?

I’ll start by formally introducing myself. 

Hi, hello there. I’m Jaimee, webmaster and lazy gardener extraordinaire. 


It’s likely if you’re creeping around on these pages that it’ll be me you’re interacting with. And please do! It gets lonely staring at a computer screen when I’m not busy playing in the dirt. 

Jaimee in the dirt
I actually love playing in the dirt. My mean mug was meant for Justin who is not our Principal Photographer (clearly.)

I’m originally from Southern California, so I understand the weather patterns we get here pretty well. Although it’s no doubt that climate change has been keeping us all on our toes.


I’m a dystopia freak. So, while I’ll try not to bum you out while you visit Moon Mist Mesa, you now know that one of my motivations (for anything really) to garden my own food and to do so as sustainably as I can afford is because if the sky falls I wanna be as prepared as Imperator Furiosa. And while I like to fret about some things I cannot control, I tend to be a much more lackadaisical, borderline bad, plant mother. Luckily for us I actually shit rainbows which is great as a compost.


Moving on, I’m a firm believer in the ability for plants to grow just given a proper opportunity. In every home I’ve lived in from dorm room to house and everywhere in between I have raised plants. Even when I had no outdoor space to call my own. Although I do avoid this like the plague because I live for the outdoors! My goal for Moon Mist Mesa is to not only have the garden of my dreams, but also a wonderful outdoor space to work and host in. We moved down to San Diego from Las Vegas during the pandemic and are ecstatic to join and build a community as we are here to stay.

My partner, Justin, is Head Groundskeeper and… well, I suppose I can let him speak for himself…

Hello All, Justin here. 


We really appreciate you all coming to our gardening blog and helping us to become the Laziest Gardeners Ever. A little brief excerpt about me. Raised in the South, Forged in the North, Polished on the West. I’ve lived all over the US.


We will be navigating our way through creating automated systems like irrigation, so you don’t have to get up and do it by hand (unless you find that to be cathartic, then by all means, g’on ahead.) I mean it is really nice, playing with dirt.


We utilize companion planting to ward off pests & gain better yields from your crops. And that includes ornamentals because they are beautiful, smell great, and can also be a mosquito repellant. We plan to grow by applying permaculture and aquaponic techniques for the best sustainability. We also hope to learn ya some BBQ and smoked meats and not just your usual recipes either drawing from an eclectic bank of food knowledge from both of our past lives.


As Jaimee said, I am the Head Groundskeeper, which means I am the first person to be told what to do by Jaimee. We love working together and look forward to the pride that comes with growing our own crops. Before I started gardening just a few years back, the only thing I’d ever grown was Taller & Wider. It’s intimidating to know that so much work has to be done, but we are excited to see the fruits & veggies of our labor.


The property is a bit over a ¼ acre and we intend to use every inch of it. We only have a few areas that are south-facing (the best orientation to grow if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere) and some scattered spots along the Moon Mist terrain that will not receive as much sunlight as others, but that isn’t going to stop us! A food forest situation is on the horizon. 



justin chaya propagate
Propagating ain't easy

Through amending of the clay & rock ridden soil we hope to have a giving harvest of abundance that our friends & family can enjoy. Yes, we really are that cheesy. Inhale the good, and exhale the bad ish. Exfoliate the hate. Anyways, we will try and be on our best behavior, but know we’re not holding back.

jaimee & justin, Cairo & Pippa standing in the frame of our home as its being built
So, that’s a little about us! I’m sure you’ll get to know us plenty through perusing this gardening blog, but if you want to know more feel free to ask or contact us! Really though, we’d rather get to know you. Leave a comment and let us know where in the world your garden grows!

Moon Mist Mesa
San Diego's Laziest Gardeners

Our Mission

To assist aspiring gardeners everywhere achieve their own food forest through sustainability practices while focusing on time and cost saving methods.

Our Values

We believe that food should be accessible to all. When we’re not busy gardening or blogging we work with transformative justice teams to help in food equity. 

The single greatest lesson the garden teaches is that our relationship to the planet need not be zero-sum, and that as long as the sun still shines and people can still plan & plant, think & do, we can, if we bother to try, find ways to provide for ourselves without diminishing the world.

Michael Pollan

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