Our Favorite Home & Gardening Resources

For sake of simplicity we’ve compiled below some of our favorite online shops and resources we use everyday here at Moon Mist Mesa. You can also get almost all your supplies at your local independently run nurseries, and we HIGHLY recommend to shop local as much as possible!


Please note that many of these links are affiliate links which means we earn a small commission if you buy through our site. This doesn’t change the price for you, but helps us afford producing quality content. Your patronage is highly appreciated and we promise to never lead you astray by promoting products that we ourselves do not know and love.

Highly Rated

Garden Necessities

Kitchen Needs

Pet Safe

grow your happy place, support moon mist mesa by buying your seeds from botanical interests


We love the variety of high-quality seeds that can be found at Botanical Interests. From vegetables to herbs to helpful companion flowers, they stock seeds of all types at fair prices that are never treated with pesticides. They also stock assorted tools you may need. But best of all they have a points system to accrue you rewards, just for growing your garden!

garden grid watering system


Having a simple watering system is key to being a lazy gardener. Garden in Minutes offers pre-assembled, full-coverage, garden watering systems that you can put together in 1 minute without any tools. Made in the USA. Take it from us, struggling to create our own drip lines, Garden in Minutes really lives up to their name. Lazy approved.

My soil testing kit

Soil Testing

Gardening begins with the dirt we plant in. Uncover the needs of your soil and unlock a path towards your healthiest garden. Get actionable insights and recommendations, through your personalized soil analysis

image of neon lights that reads "watch this space"

Gardening Notebook

While the the internet has vastly changed modern gardening, we still find ourselves loving some good pen and paper to take with us to the field. With many years of bullet journal experience (and failures) we decided to make our own gardening logbook and planner that works for us.


With 150 pages to plan your garden in physical space and time, we hope you find as much success using our curated notebook as we have.

Just $16.95

Vertical Garden (Small Space)

We always advocate for anyone starting their gardening journey no matter the space they own. And when it comes to smaller space solutions we absolutely adore the Garden Tower Project vertical growing system.


Beyond being able to grow 50 separate plants in only 4 square feet, we also love the ability to compost your kitchen scraps directly into the center of the planter. Reduce your footprint and sustain your family at any level of gardening experience.


For more information read our in-depth explanation of why we love Garden Tower Project here.

buy easy raised bed

Raised Beds

There are plenty of ways to create your own raised beds. You can read some other ways on our site here that may turn out to be much more cost effective than buying them outright. But if funds aren’t an issue and you want to be a truly lazy gardener you can always buy the exact pieces and size you want from Garden in Minutes



They have layouts of all size with a flexible expandable design. The walls of the bed themselves are nice and thick and made from wood that is naturally rot resistant. (Offering a better longevity than if you were say to throw together a garden bed from used pallets.) They also boast an easy set up time of only 2 minutes.


Use code easygardening to save $5 off your purchase of $75 !
moon mist mesa our favorite gardening resources

Gardening Tools

To be perfectly frank with you, our favorite place to get gardening tools whether it be rakes, shovels, or a wheelbarrow has been from neighbors and secondhand services such as OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace. 

But this can take time as the tools you need now are not always available. Save to mention that when buying used you are not always getting the best quality.

For the laziest option there’s always amazon. Otherwise your local garden center is bound to have what you need. Please shop local when you can.